100% of Surveyed Households Are Satisfied with the Service

đź“š Batrica, in collaboration with the Leonardo Institute, conducted a study to evaluate the impact of Batrica on the population and the degree of customer satisfaction.

👨‍👩‍👧 This study is based on a survey conducted with 258 households across 10 Batrica sites in Chad. The questionnaire and data collection were carried out by Leonardo, while Batrica gathered data through its on-site teams.

đź‘Ť 100% of respondents reported experiencing positive impacts, particularly in terms of quality of life and access to affordable electricity. The benefits cited include improved phone charging, more reliable electricity, better lighting, improved study conditions, and better profitability.

đź‘Ž 1.6% of respondents reported negative points such as battery life and overheating.

✨ Overall, respondents felt that the batteries had improved and facilitated their daily lives.

We are truly satisfied to know that the project is genuinely useful in daily life, and this motivates us to continue and strive even further đź’Ş

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